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This is wild country and beautiful, don't rush it. This is the land of the midnight sun and of glorious sunsets when the entire western horizon is bathed in glory as the sun dips and is quenched in the waters of the Atlantic.  

Mackay Country today has a population of 2,600 people and, at less than one person per square kilometre, has one of the lowest population densities in Western Europe greater in area than the city of London.  The MacKay’s at one time possessed the stretch of land known as “Lord Reay’s Country” from Drimholisten to Kylescue. It is what is recognised as the true Highlands of Scotland.

"We value and respect our past as much as we strive to make our present and future secure and vibrant."


“We are on the edge, and what a beautiful edge we are on!”

The northwest corner of British mainland is the classic Scottish Highlands with large areas of coast, inland mountains in the background and rolling rivers, massive lochs and numerous lochans.The rugged grandeur of this area is beautiful with an overwhelming abundance of wildlife all around and is sparsely populated. There is an ever-changing light and a powerful sky, breathtaking expanse with dramatic and diverse changes. During long summer hours of daylight there is a radiance illumination and the other extreme of hours of darkness with vast starry skies in winter.


Mackay Country, Dùthaich Mhic Aoidh, has always been within The Medieval province of Strathnaver, comprising present-day northern Sutherland and was a focus for settlement through the centuries of Viking activity and Norse colonisation.
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