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The spur to Foindle is where there is lush fruit trees grow at the side of the road. Foindle lies at the end of a short spur dropping steeply to an inlet from the loop of road. There may seem little here for the visitor apart from the wonderful views north over Loch Laxford, but these are worth the retreat from a road even with limited turning opportunities and few if any passing places. Right at the end of the road what appear to be a little used holiday home stands. Two other homes are passed where the occupants can experience some wonderful scenery.
There is an interesting little walled structure on the water front at Foindle and at a guess sometime in the past would have been a shelter berth for little boats. It is s difficult to access the settlement and hard conditions to make a living. The sea would have provided the best opportunities, as there are very limited small areas of ground that would be able to support an attempt at growing produce for self-suffienicy or keeping grazing animals. This locality is likely to have been a pre clearance settlement. There are numerous ruined buildings and most of what was there now did appear to be unused and gave the impression of occasional holiday homes. The crofter in this part would have very hilly and difficult land to work
My aunt would say, oh, they were the good old days. I don’t think they were, you know. And I used to say there was nothing good about them. It’s now it’s good, where there’s toilets, plenty hot water, baths, showers … that’s what I call good.”
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