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Mackay Country & Strathnaver Museum Archive Catalogue


The archive includes:
• +30,000 photos
• hundreds of interesting documents ranging from old booklets, school certificates, letters home from emigrants, postcards and letters sent home in war time and extracts from old books and newspapers which were deemed of local interest
• c. 150 audio recordings of individuals and events
• a growing selection of video interviews and clips of local event


This online search allows the operator to search the online catalogue. To access the records required make a note of athe Accession Number and Folder and contact the Archive administrator. 

The Mackay Country Archive is a digital archive. We do not store or keep actual documents and photographs. The archive was created during the ‘Back to the Future’ project in 2004 – 2005.

Since then we have added to it during each project and event.  All of the photos used on this website are from The Mackay Country Archive. This archive exists because hundreds of people in Mackay Country and beyond have brought in items of interest for us to digitise.

Email Archive Administrtor 

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