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Loch More

Travelling south from Laxford Bridge towards Achfary is the locality of Loch More

Before the opening of Kylesku Bridge the main road to the northwest corner was the A838. Nearly all travel and deliveries were made along this road from the railway station at Lairg or Inverness. In 1897 the Highland railway proposed building a line from Lairg to Laxford by Loch Shin and Loch More but this never materialised. This area could have been quite different today if this had occurred.


The A838 single-track road follows the course of the river Laxford. About two miles from Laxford Bridge stand some cottages at Alltnasuileig built in 1952 for forestry workers. Further on, just over a mile, at a cattle grid there is a wooded area on the north side of the road which screens Loch Stack Lodge built for the Duke of Westminster in 1850.


The River Laxford flows out of Loch Stack here under the shadow of Ben Stack and Arkle. At this western end of Loch Stack there is a small island with a stone cross erected to the memory of the first Duchess of Westminster who used to picnic here.

A838 from Merkland along Loch More with Ben Stack in the background

The left path follows the Allt Horn to its watershed and then round the shoulder of Creagan Meall Horn then either north to Loch Dionard or East to Glen Golly and Starthmore. About two miles from Lone there is an approach to climb Arkle or continue by Loch an Easain Uaine, under the southern slopes of Fionaven round the north west corner of Arkle and follow a path to Loch Stack Lodge. The right path from Lone proceeds over a small ridge at Strath Luib na Seilich and follows the Abhainn an Loin burn to the watershed between Meall Garbh and Sabhal Beag through a small wooded area to Gobernuisgach Lodge. Both these paths are difficult and demanding but offer opportunities to see deer, eagles, and wildlife in a natural setting.


Loch Stack has a long narrow western arm that widens out. The loch is approximately two and a half miles long and about a mile wide. In some places reaches a depth of one hundred feet. At the eastern end of Loch Stack a track leads to Airdachuilinn and Lone on the north side of the loch. From the bridge at Lone there are two circular walks.


The journey between Laxford Bridge and the Mackay Country boundary at Merkland south of Kinloch is picturesque with grand and majestic views of Ben Stack and Arkle. The road winds along the side Loch Stack and through the heart of Eddracillis and the Westminster Estate community of Achfary at the head of Loch More.

Loch More is about five miles long, less than half a mile wide an in places is over two hundred and fifty feet deep. The Dukes of Sutherland, and then the 1st Duke of Westminster, developed the settlement around a shooting lodge in the 1800’s, the Westminster Estates still owning much of the surrounding area.
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