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Mackay Country has some of Scotland’s most beautiful and peaceful white sandy bays and beaches, these sandy beaches are magnificent, clean in quiet bays along this rugged rocky coastline andare scattered along the coast, mostly not to be seen from the main road but never far away. The Mackay Country coastlines are liberally interspersed with steep cliffs, small villages and communities each with a character and charm all of their own. All of these villages and communities are unique and have their own story to relate. They have cultures and traditions that are specific to them with ways of life that have brought about a distinct and individual character. There are threads of similarity that they share, a pride in their heritage, a determination to build on the strengths of local culture, society and economy, and a desire to develop any and all opportunities for sustainable community development. The Mackay Country initiative arose from a consideration of what makes the area as a whole distinctive, and the recognition of the importance of treating heritage as a “living” thing rather than as a dead – albeit interesting – past. Mackay country is the most remote area from the seat of government of any part of the Scottish mainland and has had the majority of its people moved from the area. Mackay Country is intended today to be inclusive, encompassing all the inhabitants of the area and their descendants throughout the world. The people of Mackay Country have a distinctive history and a strong sense of identity and pride.


Most of the communities in Mackay Country are spread out. Within those there are townships both only with historical significance and those that clearly have their thriving identity today even with a very small population. In many circumstances they are described and portrayed as one locality and included in the massive and vastly diverse area of the Northern Highlands. This area is only a section of the Scottish Highlands and has a wealth of diversity in culture, traditions and customs. We aim to expose these localities as exclusive and irreplaceable with common intentions.

“The area of Mackay Country is composed of numerous communities and villages all with their own individuality and uniqueness.”
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