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Coming to Scourie from the South and heading north, the main “coast” road steers inland only getting close as it crosses the Kylesku Bridge, and finds the sea at Badcall, just south of Scourie. Badcall is the home to the Eddrachillis Hotel, built in 1835 as the parish manse. It has been refurbished and extended while still retaining the character of the old building with stone walls and flagstone floors. A large fishing station was built at the old Salmon House on the bay. It is now used as a base for fish farming in Badcall Bay.


The village of Badcall is located 2 miles (3 km) south of Scourie. The village comprises Upper Badcall, which is on the west side of Badcall Bay and Lower Badcall to the east. Badcall Bay is an inlet of the larger Eddrachillis Bay itself an inlet on the northwest coast to the north of Kylestrome at the mouth of Loch a’Chairn Bhain.

The township of Badcall lies on its northern shore. A minor road leads southwest to the crofting township of Upper Badcall which overlooks the island studded Badcall Bay. From here there is a walk to Farhead Point.

At Loch an Daim Mor on the west side of the road are the remains of a hut circle. Just after this on the east side a track leads to the ruins of a chambered cairn and behind this in the valley is a circle of stones with large stone at the center known as “Larach nam bard” the Hollow of the Tables. This is where the people of the Parish of Eddrachilles worshiped during the time the Covenanters were being persecuted.

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