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Kinloch, Merkland

As Mackay Country is approached from the south via Lairg on the A838 before reaching Achfary the territory is entered around Kinloch.


From Achfary south the road runs alongside and climbs sharply Kinloch brae from the houses at the end of the loch at Kinloch and drops again to pass Loch Merkland and Loch Shin before reaching the 20 century Mackay Country Boundary at Merkland.

A 836 Merkland on left side Of the road facing north NC 396 258 

The area of Kinloch is at the east end of Loch More, from where a track leads to big house called Aultanrynie where the Alt an Reinidh burn enters the loch.


This dwelling set in magnificent scenery and a backdrop of cascading water was all but lost in 1949 when heavy rain caused a build-up of water and the busting of banks nearly engulfing the house with water, rubble and rock.

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