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Mackay Country has some of Scotland’s most beautiful and peaceful white sandy bays and beaches, these sandy beaches are magnificent, clean in quiet bays along this rugged rocky coastline and are scattered along the coast, mostly not to be seen from the main road but never far away.


The coast is scattered with small inlets and bays. Some are very easily accessible and obvious others are secluded and some are difficult or require different levels of determination to access. Noted here are the beaches recognised as simple and worth a visit.

“Mackay Country has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, remote, peaceful and clean”

Beaches of Sutherland parts 1& 2

A survey of the beach, dune and machair areas of
north and west Sutherland
Commissioned by the Countryside Commission
for Scotland, 1969.
W. Ritchie and A. Mather

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