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Drive on the very single track road past Loch Gobhtoch and a steep drop down into Tarbet and the ferry for Handa Island.


“I think what’s lovely about a place like this is you can go out at midnight and you don’t have to look over your shoulder. It’s great.”


This departure point is at the jetty at Tarbet and although it is not modern or high-tech it is operated efficiently and regularly transporting 12 people at a time over the water to Handa. While taking the trip to Handa it is well worth exploring this area. The community around Tarbet is well defined for the Handa excursion and the little boats that use the jetty for inshore fishing purposes. Tarbet is the most visited, and would guess that most people turning off the main road come directly here without taking in the northern part of the loop. As a result it also offers a reasonably sized car park and a cafe to cater for visitors’ needs.

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