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Situated at the western extremity of Loch Naver in Strathnaver a popular angling resort. Dominated by the schist peak of Ben Kilbreck which rises to the South.





















The community of ALTNAHARRA lies at the western end of Loch Naver, 13 miles (22 km) south of Tongue. There are numerous examples of former settlement in the area including hut circles, heaps of clearance stones and field terraces. An inn was built here around 1820 and by the 1840’s the village had developed into a small angling resort. Altnaharra is a settlement, which has few inhabitants but is spread over a wide area of land.


It is situated inland on a large hunting estate. The main village is built on a linear pattern following the main road (A836) south to Lairg but is again quite dispersed over the huge moorland expanse making up the Altnaharra area. Altnaharra has a population of about 74 and most of the activity is based around the hotel.

“I suppose that’s one of the things that actually makes you realise it is a wild place. You know, you’re never that far away from danger in this place either.”

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